Lets Talk about Strawberries

Lets Talk about Strawberries
Okay, let’s talk strawberries.
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@tinybeetsfoods As the price of strawberries start come back down, lets talk about strawberries #tinybeets #blw #firstfoods #5monthsold #babyfoodideas #6monthsold #snacks ♬ original sound - Anthony - Baby & Toddler Meals
So for the youngest little ones, six to eight to nine months of age, your going to want to go to as big, ripe & soft as you can. Like gigantic berries. Bigger is safer at this age!
It’s going to force them to take bites, they can’t swallow this whole and when the brain is actively engaged in biting and munching, your overall going to have a much more coordinated and safe swallow.
Bigger is safer for the youngest babies.
When your baby develops their pincer grip and is able to pick up smaller pieces of food, we can go ahead and move to sliced berries. Sort of thinly sliced strawberries. The shape doesn’t matter, we’re just sort of going for a thin slice. 
We want to get away from this tapered shape from smaller berries. Now with this quarter up strawberry, is it ok? Properly but we don’t love about it though is this tapered kind of end, one is small and one end of big. Your child’s airway is about the size of this drinking straw anything that can get lodged in there and not be coughed out or expelled out can cause choking

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