Frequently Asked Questions

There are no ingredients in our meals that you wouldn’t have in your fridge or pantry. Our meals are as natural as possible. 
We have designed our products to be something we would be 100% happy giving to our little one as well. As this is a frozen product  there is no need to preserve or add anything we can’t pronounce.


This is due to the seasonal nature of fruit and vegetable produce.  While we try our best to ensure consistency for our products, sometimes our ratios need to be adjusted according to what is in season and its availability.


Yes! Our ingredients are sourced locally and we try to buy from small greengrocers where possible.


Yes they are, BPA free and freezer safe and also can be recycled at Redcycle Bins at major supermarkets


Tinybeets Food is snap frozen and conveniently stored in the freezer. Remove the required number of cubes, place in a microwave safe bowl or over a pan of simmering water until soft, stir and serve.

Each bag can be stored in the freezer for three months. All bags are clearly labeled with a best before date.


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