I have created a loyalty program with exciting rewards to say 'thank you' for supporting my business and trusting me with your order

Earn 5 Points for every $1 you spend online to unlock some super sweet rewards!

*insert your name* COME ON DOWN!

  • 700 Points - 10% off your order
  • 800 Points - $8 off coupon
  • 1500 Points - $15 off coupon
  • 2500 Points - $25 off coupon
  • 500 Points - Free home delivery

Other Ways to Earn Points

As well as earning points on purchases, you can earn in some other ways

  • Follow me on insta - get 10 points
  • Like our facebook page - get 10 points
  • Share My Page for Some Points - get 25 points
  • We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday - get 100 points on your birthday!

Lets Get This (Loyalty) Party Started!

To join the scheme, just click the button in the bottom right to get started and get 200 points just for signing up!