Introducing Allergens to Little Ones

Introducing Allergens to Little Ones

We get asked so many questions about how to introduce allergens and how to do it as safely as possible to little ones.

It can be quite a daunting experience and many parents end up putting the introduction of the top 8 allergens off until their little one is well onto solids.

However - According to paediatricians the earlier little ones can start being introduced to allergens, the better

But what are the top 8 allergens?

  1. tree nuts
  2. peanuts
  3. sesame
  4. fish
  5. eggs
  6. dairy
  7. soy
  8. shellfish


so, how can you start to induce theses allergens to little ones?


1. start small

Start with a very small amount of the allergen food. If there's is no reaction you can slowly start increasing the amount over time

2. introduce early in the day

allays introducing in the morning or early afternoon, while most allergic reactions occur within 2 hours this allows you to have the rest of the day to observe for allergic reactions.

3. one at a time

Introduce allergens one at a time. this will allow you to know exactly what allergens cause a reaction.

4. regular exposure

one your little on has been introduced to a allergen, keep it in the weekly rotation at a minimum.

**Things to keep in mind: Be more cautious if your little one has conditions such as eczema, asthma, hay fever or a family history of highly sensitive allergies. These symptoms are signs of higher risk for allergy in babies.



Please remember that all babies are different and may not have a reaction at first exposure. Keep an eye open for any reactions over time.



As always, consult with your little one's GP if you have any questions or have a family history of strong allergies.



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