Transition to Textures

Little one ready for some more fun with there food?
This is where introducing textures comes into it, between the ages of 6 to 8 months of age your little one will be ready to start to have some purees with texture in it. 
An Integral step of the solids journey eating development. Start looking for signs your little one is ready to move from smooth to a textured puree.
  • Handle Thicker Purees(Such as Pumpkin Dahl or Potato, Pea & Mint)
  • Is moving the puree around there mouth
  • Attempting to chew there food while the food is in there mouth
Introducing your little one to a wide variety of different textures and flavours helps promote healthily and varied eating habits.
Tinybeets Foods is made in small batches and each of our textured and very textured range has slightly different textures, this was made to challenge your little one to promote eating development.
Not sure where to start? Checkout our Transition to Textures box