About The Watts's

Why we do this

In August 2020, Anthony embarked on a culinary journey driven by love and necessity. As a caring father, he encountered challenges in finding safe and nourishing food for his daughter, Quinn, who had allergies. Supermarket aisles often left him empty-handed, struggling to find options free from allergens or overcooking.
Having also noticed other parents at the daycare facing the same predicament, Anthony's heart went out to them. They sought his expertise and requested homemade purees for their little ones. Delving deeper, Anthony discovered a surprising void in the market—South Australia lacked a dedicated solution for this crucial need. And so, Tinybeets Foods was born!
With 19 years of professional chef experience under his apron, Anthony harnessed his culinary skills and vast knowledge to curate a menu tailored exclusively for babies aged 4 to 18 months. But that's not all! Tinybeets Foods also caters to the needs of precious little ones with allergies or special dietary requirements. 
Today, as the passionate Chef and Owner of Tinybeets Foods, Anthony takes pride in providing a delicious and wholesome dining experience for your little miracles. Join us on this nourishing adventure, where taste, safety, and nutrition unite in every tiny spoonful. 

The Story So Far


Tinybeets Foods Launched !

August 2020

Blair was born in june very quickly in our own car!

Added finger food options to the menu

June 2021

New professional looking labels & delivery cartons

Still just delivering to South Australia


Added Toddler Bowls to the menu

January 2023

Started Delivering to VIC, NSW, ACT & QLD

April 2023

First stockist in Tony & Marks stores

June 2023

Got our own Kitchen Space

January 2024