5 reasons why you should attend a First Senses messy play class

5 reasons why you should attend a First Senses messy play class

Have you always wondered why you should come and join one of our messy play classes?

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons why you should
choose First Senses as your messy play experts.

Emma Playing

   1. *Enhance children’s learning and development *

All our activities during our sessions are planned in line with children’s developmental milestones and learning in mind. With over 12 years experience of working with children Emma is qualified to ensure our activities aid their learning. Sarah is also a qualified Early Years Educator with over 8 years of working in the sector *(check out our About Me for more information)*.

   2. *Sociable*

All our sessions encourage families and children to be social. Our sessions provide a fun, laid back atmosphere to allow children to learn and develop in a unstructured way. They are allowed to explore the materials through their own investigations. You can bring your friends, spend time with your family and meet other new families.

   3. *Professional*

Did we mention our Emma holds a BA in Early Years as
well as other relevant Early Childhood qualifications. Emma has held many positions in her career starting in childcare, kindergartens and heading into working with vulnerable families and children. Our sessions ensure
children’s learning is nurtured in their own way.

   4. *Affordable *

We aren’t just about making money. Our sessions were developed to be affordable to all families whilst offering high quality learning opportunities.

   5. *You don’t have to clean up any of the mess at the end of the
   session! *

That’s right you just leave that clean up to us!

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