Can't Seem To Keep Baby Happy In The High Chair? Try These Ideas!

Can't Seem To Keep Baby Happy In The High Chair? Try These Ideas!

Parenting can be the most beautiful and challenging part of life. When your child is growing up, they often get fidgety, and it can be difficult to sit down at a table to eat with them. Most babies don't sit in the high chair for more than 10 minutes, which can be a problem, especially if you like to eat out often.

But all's not lost. 

Here are some tips for stretching that precious time in the high chair.

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Make Sure The Baby's Safe & Comfortable

A child is sent to the emergency room every 43 minutes due to toppling furniture. To keep your baby from sliding down the seat or getting poked by sharp edges and brims, it is important to strap them in securely. Ensure the crotch strap is secured to keep the baby snug and comfy. And give them a footrest if possible.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Most parents use high chairs for children's playtime. While this is not a bad practice, it is important to have a schedule so your baby knows when it is playtime and when it's time for dinner. This is important, so your kid does not end up flinging food around the house. 

Be Mindful Of Placement

Most parents keep the high chair close to the table or countertops. This can be dangerous. Your child might have the strength to kick back and topple over the high chair. Try keeping the high chair away from countertops or tables to protect your baby from mishaps. Instead, keep them close to you so they can be a part of the conversation and feel included enough to stop crying.

Make Meals Fun And Social

Babies are copycats. So when you bring a dinner party vibe to the table, they are likely to mimic. Look at the baby, laugh, make merry, or at least talk about the weather – whatever you do, keep the ambience light and fun. That's one way to ensure that your baby joins in and lasts the entire meal in the high chair.

Let The Baby Be Your Guide

When babies are forced to stay in the high chair longer than they want, they associate it negatively with pain and discomfort.

So manage your expectations and let them lead the high chair time; remove them (even if for a few minutes) if they start fussing. This is important if you don't want them to start crying the second they lay eyes on a high chair.

baby unsure of food in high chair

In Conclusion

While high chairs can be a handy piece of furniture, it is important to know how to use them properly. Whether you want your child to play in one place or get them to have dinner at the table, a high chair is perfect for you.

Follow our tips and avoid any accidents within the house. High chairs do not have to be risky if you take care of how you use them.

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