Welcome Blair Hazel

A Pic of Blair just born in hospital wraps, then text of Welcome Blair! on a pink background. Follow by Blair on Anthony's legs a few days old.
Welcome to world Blair Hazel Watts
12.31am, 3.63kg, 50cm long

And after the response from the story post here’s the birth story.

This might not be as crazy as some stories but compared to Quinn it was completely different.

During the day of Saturday 12/6/21, sarah started getting random contractions through out the day(1 every 20/30 minutes). Quinn obviously knew something was up because she wanted nothing to do with bed and took until 930ish pm to go to sleep and I followed soon after.

Sarah started to get more consistent contractions from 1030ish but not enough to warrant a hospital visit yet, then she came in and woke me up at 1110 to Call my mum to come down and look after Quinn and get ready to go to help how ever I could.

While waiting for my mum to come to ours, sarah had a shower to try and ease some pain. Then when she got out we called the midwife at mgp and she decided from our all that we where close or in established labour and it was up to us if we wanted to go into the hospital and we choose yes. By then my mum had rocked up and we made our move towards women’s and children’s with the contractions getting worst and worst as we drove.

We got to the corner of o’Connell street and the ring road(what ever it’s called) and sarah announced her waters broke and the baby was coming. So after not breaking the speed limit😉 down O’Connell street we arrived in the emergency drop off at WCH at 1225am and I ran over to the buzzer to get some help. It might of only took 10 seconds but it felt like it took 1-2 minutes, once someone answered I said the baby is coming in the car I need help!.

Within like 30 seconds we had 4 midwives in the car park helping delivering a baby in the front seat of our car after Blair was born at 1231am and alright we moved inside to do the rest of things that needed to be done.

Quinn’s labour was over 23 hours long and had to be done in surgery as there was compilations.

TLDR: 2 hour labour, born in passenger seat at WCH emergency drop off bay.

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