Whats So Good about our latest Puree!

Whats So Good about our latest Puree!
Introducing the newest puree to our Tinybeets Family!

A couple of reasons why you should add some potatoes into your little human's diet!

1. Good for your Baby's gastrointestinal health
Potatoes assist in the growth of friendly bacteria. The substantial amounts of alkaline sugars in potatoes keep the acid levels down in your baby’s body and thus keep acidity at bay.

2. Great for the skin
Potatoes have starch, vitamin C, and various enzymes that can protect and nourish the skin

But why add the peas?

Peas are an amazing source of vitamin C, K, Folate and fibre, Peas pack a nutritious punch and offer your little human number of health benefits.

The help to maintain brain, bone and eye health.

I see mint but I don't understand why?

Well, it does a couple of things, It starts to introduce tastes of grown-up foods, but also helps with the taste and it's also nutritious and medicinal.

It can help to alleviate tummy troubles, and its oils help relieve symptoms of nausea, stomach cramping and indigestion.

Let us do the hard work for you and take care of the cooking,

Grab yours Here!


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