6 DIY Toys to Advance your Baby's motor skills

6 DIY Toys to Advance your Baby's motor skills
How often have you found that your baby, loves to play with your keys, phone or just a random piece of paper?
Babies & toddlers love to use things that you use date to day. Which means you can come up with some super creative ideas for a fun afternoon!
Here are 7 DIY toys and activities you can make or use from things around your house.

6 DIY Toys to Advance your Baby's motor skills
1.Tissue Pull
Got a old empty tissue box or wipes bag? you can cut up some strips of fabic from blankets or clothes and fill the box up and they can have fun pulling them out 1 by 1.
This works great on developing pincer grasp from 9-12 months.
2. Kitchen Measuring cups
Pouring cups are quirt normal for a bath toy, but instead of just using them in the bath. You can use the measuring cups to scoop dry ingredients such as beans, rice & lentils.
Help refined movements, you can also use measuring spoons.
3. Edible Finger Paint
What is better than some mess, that they can eat? A super way to explore texture on the hands and also fingers. There are a lot of recipes online available, but most include, water & corn flour/starch. Top tip is you can swap out the food colouring for fresh fruit, veggies and dried powders.
4. Sensory Bags
Got a zip lock bag?
Fill it with a little bit of water, throw in some confetti or small plastic pieces, seal it up and tape it down on the high chair. get your little one it move around the confetti.
Another one is dried pasta or cotton balls.
5. Paper Stacker
cut out some strip of of colour paper(or try and get your little one to colour in with the painting above) and tape them up to make up some rings. Using a paper towel dispenser, get your baby to practice stacking up there rings.
6. Box colouring
Got a box laying around? get some crayons(yet again also works great with the paint idea above) put your little on in the box and let them go nuts colouring in the box!

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