600 Instagram Followers AMA

600 Instagram Followers AMA


My name is Anthony and I am the person behind Tinybeets Foods. I have been a chef for the past 16 years and when covid happened I had to change industry’s and found myself working as a chef at the day-care centre where my daughter goes too.

After talking with some parents from the day-care(and past experience from when my daughter started her food journey) I learnt there were no locally made baby foods, only what you could find in the supermarket. This is how Tinybeets Foods was created.

Our specialty is creating baby and toddler food free from all the nasties and preservatives that you would find in store bought food. We proudly buy Adelaide ingredients where possible making the most of our local fruit and vegetables markets and using local suppliers for the rest.

Thank you for everyone that has supported us so far and into the future, we can’t wait to be apart of little humans food journey.


Meal Prep For adults: I already do, but i don't sell it. Its something that I'm looking at doing later down the line but not currently.

 Iron Rich Foods: My food that's iron rich is Pumpkin Dahl, which is full of Australian Red Lentils, Butternut Pumpkin, Zucchini and carrots. The other options are Kale, Quinoa & Sweet Potato and Coconut Chia Pudding.

Baby Led Weaning: You can cook up a lamb lollipop, chicken drumstick with no skin, cartilage and the little bone taken out. Steamed Veggies or spiral pasta.

We also have Veggie Chicken Pops, Greek Style Meatballs, Savoury MinestroneVeggie Beef Bolognese With Pasta and Custom Orders.

Subscription Delivery: Well its something I'm currently working on, but I have hit a road block as the website provider has changed there checkout procedures and what i was planning on doing isn't available to do anymore and I've had to change my plan. Hopefully will be live later this year,


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